Build the world’s first fridge with inner liners made from 70% recycled plastic  

With the launch of a new range of food waste-saving fridges – including unique models made with up to 70% recycled plastic in the inner liner walls – we can help consumers live more sustainably in the home.

Driving industry change

We know from research that consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about the materials used to manufacture their products and are looking to buy appliances made from recycled materials. As an industry leader in sustainability, we can help drive the change.

In 2022, we launched the Electrolux 500-900 Series and AEG 5000-9000 Series of built-in refrigerators which feature inner liners made from 70% recycled plastic. We are the first in the world to incorporate this much recycled plastic into a refrigerator so it’s an important industry breakthrough. The plastic is sourced from a specialty supplier that collects and refines plastic from discarded refrigerators in Europe.

Research also tells us that consumers are worried about food waste with 60% of people throwing away food at least once a week. The main reason is food passing the before due date, but food waste also occurs due to fresh food going off too quickly. Here’s how our new line helps:

The GreenZone crisper drawer keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for longer. The automatic crisper has an innovative membrane that allows ingredients to breathe by regulating and optimizing humidity – the drawer can for example retain 95% of the vitamin C in blueberries after 11 days!



Meanwhile, the Cooling 360 technology maintains a more stable temperature distribution, to preserve food for longer by avoiding temperature shocks and stress on food.

We will continue to roll out these innovations in Europe in 2023 and to other markets in the world in the coming years.

Through product innovation, we can help consumers live more sustainably.



Better Living action plan

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