Goal: Make clothes last twice as long with half the environmental impact

By modernizing care technology for all fabrics and inspiring better care habits, our aim is to halve the environmental impact of aftercare and prolong the average life of garments.

Better clothing care

Clothes. They’re among the most personal items we own. But our wardrobes are contributing to global climate change. Over the past 20 years, we have quadrupled the number of garments we go through.* We also discovered that compounding the issue is the fact that 90% of our clothes are thrown away before they need to be.** Part of the problem is fast fashion—another is aftercare. Due to poor, outdated laundry habits, the lifespan of garments is diminishing. It’s time we changed the way we consume and care for our clothes. As experts in clothing care, we want to do all we can to help drive this change.

Source: * Fashion Revolution ** AEG Care Label Project

35 million European households have made the switch to washing at 30°C since 2020. That’s just one of the highlights from our latest pan-European report ‘The Truth About Laundry 2023’ which focuses on resource efficiency, and in particular energy usage.

Did you know 94% of all adults are unaware of how much plastic is in clothes? The Truth About Laundry Microplastics Edition 2022 reveals attitudes and behaviors towards laundry and, in particular, the impact of microplastic fibers released from synthetic clothing.

Europeans (63%) automatically wash at 40°C.

The Truth About Laundry

people (59%) are more or less on ‘auto-pilot’ when it comes to washing clothes.

The Truth About Laundry

of households across Europe still regularly wash their clothes at 50°C or higher.

The Truth About Laundry

The Truth About Laundry report 2021 

To help people create more sustainable habits in laundry care, we need to understand current attitudes and behaviors when it comes to how people care for their clothes, and to what extent people consider the environment.  In 2021, we commissioned our first The Truth About Laundry report to give us powerful insights to drive change.

Better clothing care film

“We need to see what's already here as our primary resources, rather than continuing to feed the beast.”

Orsola de Castro

Fashion Industry Innovator — Fashion Revolution, United Kingdom

Our focus areas

To guide us towards our goal of making clothes last twice as long with half the environmental impact, we’ll work to raise awareness amongst consumers about better clothing care, while developing new innovative care technologies and exploring meaningful collaborations to help get us there.

Our focus areas for Better Clothing Care are:

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Longer-lasting clothes

Make clothes last longer by inspiring people on the optimal way of caring for their clothes.

Today, most people have inherited their laundry habits from their parents.* Or they are following outdated care labels that recommend the harshest treatment a garment can handle.  *

But times have changed and we want to raise awareness of modern ways to care for clothes – such as using lower temperature cycles – that are gentler on fibers in the garments and help them last for longer.

This helps prevent the huge environmental impact of throwing away clothes before they need to be. By inspiring consumers to choose the most optimal way of caring for their garments, their lifetime is prolonged – cutting the environmental impact of aftercare in half.

As well as educating consumers in modern care habits, we will continue to innovate and develop care technologies that put minimal strain on garments to keep them as good as new.

We won’t stop there. We’re also on a mission to educate people on the consequences of fast fashion to inspire them to practice better fashion consumption. We believe everyone can improve the relationship with their wardrobes and learn to love their clothes for longer.

*Electrolux Better Living Report 2019

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Reduce the environmental impact of garment care

Prolong the lifetime of garments by modernizing care technology and care habits.

We’ve long been on a journey to reduce the environmental impact of garment care by making our washers and dryers more energy and water efficient. In late 2020, we were recognized as sustainability leaders by the global non-profit CDP for our efforts to tackle climate change and for the first time for protecting water security.

Going forward, we will continue to innovate to make our products even more environmentally friendly.

To help minimize damage done to the planet, we will also help inspire consumers to make more sustainable choices when it comes to the products and cycles they choose to wash and dry their clothes.

These choices can include the Auto Dose function in Electrolux washing machines which allows precise and optimized use of detergent and softener in an automatic process, or the Steam function which relaxes fabrics, reduces wrinkles and makes clothes smoother.

Recently we’ve also launched a program that cleans clothes efficiently at 30 degrees in under one hour to help busy consumers care for their clothes in a way that is kinder to the planet.

By creating awareness around the environmental impact of caring for clothes, we hope to ignite change on a global level.

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Enable care for all fabrics

Develop technology to ensure any fabric can be cared for at home.

We know that many people are unsure of how to care for fabrics such as silk, wool, cashmere, sequins and outdoor wear. Our mission is to discover new care methods that make it possible for consumers to care for all delicate fabrics without a trip to the dry cleaners.

As well as being gentle on both garment and planet, our priority is for these new methods to be easy and intuitive for the consumer to encourage them to adopt new behaviors.

To achieve this, we will explore new solutions, technical innovations and fashion industry collaborations so that all fabrics – the ones we have today and those that will come in the future – can be efficiently yet gently cleaned at home.

We will shine the spotlight on these new methods so consumers know there is no such thing as a garment that can’t be cared for at home.

Better Living action plan

The Better Living action plan by Electrolux Group is a range of actions to support our goals within the domains of better eating, better clothing care, and better wellbeing at home. It also encompasses how Electrolux Group can better its own operations. If you have any questions, please write to us at: sustainability@electrolux.com