Goal: Work continuously to be a resource-efficient, safe and ethical company

Our goal is to reach a 97% reduction in carbon emissions in factories by 2030 and net zero emissions across the value chain by 2050, reducing our own footprint, as well as our suppliers, while working toward a diverse and inclusive workforce built on a strong ethical foundation.

Better company

When our future depends on the choices we make today, we must all do our part. That doesn’t just apply to individuals. At Electrolux Group, to shape living for the better, we are determined to shape our company for the better. We need to look at what we’re doing when it comes to production, such as how our factories operate and what materials we’re choosing, as well as how we can optimize product lifetimes and ensure appliances are being used correctly for maximum resource efficiency.

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"In the future, I think that we will look back at this time as a pivotal moment. And when I look back, I want to see it as a moment that made us change for the better."

Jonas Samuelson

CEO & President — Electrolux

Our focus areas

We want to make our factories resource-efficient while also developing products that maximize efficiency when it comes to energy and other resources. Our focus areas for Better Company are:

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Drive resource-efficient operations

Reduce our environmental impact during the production phase

At Electrolux Group, we know that we have a huge responsibility to reduce our environmental impact during the production phase. This means our factories need to shift to renewable energy sources — such as solar, wind and biomass. As part of this goal, we will continue installing solar panels and other on-site upgrades to generate our own renewable energy

Act ethically, lead in diversity and respect human rights

Build an ethical, diverse and trusted company.

Our goal is to earn the trust of everyone impacted by our operations, demonstrating a commitment to ethics, diversity and inclusion, and human rights through our words and actions. This includes working to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of Electrolux Group employees.

Drive supply chain sustainability

Our products should be made the same way throughout our supply chain — with respect for the people who made them and for the environment.

As a company with sustainability leadership aspirations, we see our suppliers as an extension of our own operations.

We work with suppliers so they can live up to our high expectations, no matter where they are located, and support them in their transition to more sustainable practices.

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Circular solutions

Explore circular business models and new ways to make water- and energy-efficient products.

To reduce the environmental impact during the product-use phase, our R&D and design teams will continue to explore ways to make more water- and energy-efficient products. We’re passionate about resources being used for as long as possible then recovered and given a new life — instead of being sent to landfill. One way we’re doing this is by exploring circular business models to prolong the useful life of products and parts. We’re also collaborating with various partners to build new knowledge to improve product recyclability.

Better Living action plan

The Better Living action plan by Electrolux Group is a range of actions to support our goals within the domains of better eating, better clothing care, and better wellbeing at home. It also encompasses how Electrolux Group can better its own operations. If you have any questions, please write to us at: sustainability@electrolux.com