Develop advanced refrigeration solutions to help tackle food waste 

Almost a third of all food produced globally is wasted. We’re focused on developing solutions that help tackle the problem including a new built-in refrigerator that delivers up to 28% food waste reduction.

Innovative solutions to reduce food waste

More than one-third of global greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to the way food is produced, processed and packaged.(1) At the same time, almost a third of all food produced is wasted (2) and hunger remains a challenge, with more than one in nine people in the world not having access to enough food.(3) 

Our own Better Living Report in 2019 found a third of consumers throw away food because it goes bad too quickly or passes its best before date. This told us there was a growing consumer demand for help with storing food. 

Our innovative solutions can help consumers develop better food habits and care for food in a way that benefits both people and planet.  





The Electrolux 800 Series Cooling 360 refrigerator

In 2023, we launched the Electrolux 800 Series Cooling 360 built-in refrigerator with advanced cooling that can help reduce food waste and retain nutrients in ingredients. We’ve developed better temperature distribution in the fresh food compartment to enable consumers to avoid up to 28% food waste.(4)

Meanwhile, our new UltimateTaste 700 multi-door range with TasteLockPlus crispers launched in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa maintain the right humidity that can keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer. The TasteLockPlus crisper creates a sealed, humid environment to lock in taste and nutrients for longer so that your fruit and vegetables will stay fresh and bursting with flavor for up to 7 days. (5)  

Our new Bottom-Freezers and Multi-door range launched in Latin America use AI-powered AutoSense technology, which automatically controls the temperature by learning from consumer routines and extends the life of ingredients by up to 30%.(6) 

Our CustomFlex fridge door also allows consumers to better see fresh produce. During 2023, new vacuum food containers were added. 

We’re committed to helping reduce the burden on the global food system. 



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Better Living action plan

The Better Living action plan by Electrolux Group is a range of actions to support our goals within the domains of better eating, better clothing care, and better wellbeing at home. It also encompasses how Electrolux Group can better its own operations. If you have any questions, please write to us at: