Educate at least 300,000 people on sustainable eating

With food being a major battleground in the fight against climate change, our non-profit organization Electrolux Food Foundation will educate at least 300,000 people on sustainable eating by 2030.

Educate at least 300,000 people on sustainable eating

Inspiring sustainable food choices

The way we are eating right now is challenging our planet. One third of all food gets thrown out – creating 1.3 billion tons of waste every year.* Meanwhile, the food industry is one of the world’s largest sources of greenhouse gases with the bulk of emissions coming from animal agriculture.*

And the harm isn’t just limited to the environment. Decreased nutrition in our meals has made poor diets the second biggest health risk.**  


* UN SDG, 2018      ** Guardian, 2017: “Poor diet is a factor in one in five deaths, global disease study reveals

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As we strive to make sustainable eating the preferred choice, this particular action, to educate at least 300,000 people on sustainable eating by the end of the decade, is intended to help transform eating habits and reduce food waste. It will be driven by our non-profit organization Electrolux Food Foundation which, with the support of partners Worldchefs and AIESEC, runs employee initiatives across the world promoting sustainable cooking habits.

So how will they achieve this? In 2019, 30,000 kids aged 8-12 in more than 30 countries were trained through the global Food Heroes program with lessons delivered by both Electrolux employees and Food Foundation partnersThe lesson plan inspires children to challenge and change their own food habits in a fun and playful way to make a lasting and positive impression.  

In 2020, the set-up to teach the future generation how better eating makes for a healthier planet is finding its way through various online solutions. The ambition is to reach not just the kids, but their parents and young adults, as well as current and future professional chefs. 

In additionElectrolux Food Foundation and partners will keep bringing the culinary training program Like a Chef for employment to almost every continent. Like a Chef equips people in need with culinary workplace skills with a focus on sustainable cooking. As the program scales globally it will play an important contribution to our overall goal to educate 300,000 people in sustainable eating. 


Better Living action plan

The Better Living action plan by Electrolux Group is a range of actions to support our goals within the domains of better eating, better clothing care, and better wellbeing at home. It also encompasses how Electrolux Group can better its own operations. If you have any questions, please write to us at: