Develop a food-saving prototype

Nothing breaks our hearts more than good food going to waste. So we’ve developed a connected-fridge prototype that makes it easier for individuals and food suppliers to save surplus food.


Electrolux Karma connected-fridge prototype

Driving change around food waste

Right now, the way we are consuming and handling food is damaging our planet.  One third of all food gets thrown out, creating 1 billion metric tons of food waste every year.*

We believe we’re in a position to drive real change around food waste and are determined to play our part. We’re constantly exploring new solutions and our plan is to roll out innovative technologies and partnerships around the world to tackle the food-waste issue.  

As a first step, we’ve developed the prototype of a connected fridge to help galvanize the first zero food waste generation. The fridge allows you to buy perfectly edible but close-to-expiring unsold food at a discounted price.  


* BCG, 2018: “Tackling 1.6 billion ton food loss and waste crisis”  

Electrolux Karma fridge

Electrolux Karma fridge

We produced this prototype in collaboration with Karma – a Swedish startup that connects surplus food from restaurants, cafes and grocery stores to consumers for a lower price via an app.  Combining our expertise on food preservation with Karma’stechnology and knowledge of food waste, together we launched the fridge at the grocery store ICA Kvantum Liljeholmen in Stockholm, Sweden. 

The good news? Duringthe pilot, 67% more food – that was near expiry date but still perfectly edible – was saved and eaten.**

Our hope is by developing and rolling out innovative solutions such as this, we can encourage both consumers and the food industry to take bigger responsibility for tackling the food-waste issue.   

There’s no time, or food, to waste.  


**Based on comparative datover an 11-month period before (2018) and after the fridge was installed (2019). 

Better Living action plan

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