GRO – made for sustainable eating

Creating GRO*

A vision of a better tomorrow. GRO is the world’s first reimagined kitchen concept created for sustainable food choices whatever your starting point. It’s a futuristic approach to empower diverse, plant-forward eating and help make sustainable eating at home the preferred choice.

*Swedish for ‘to sprout’

Challenge - A Broken Food System

We currently produce, buy, eat and view food as if we have unlimited supplies. GRO was thoughtfully reimagined to help you shift perspectives and behaviors toward a more sustainable world. Together, we can fix the broken food system by doing better, buying better and eating healthier.

Context - Setting the Table for a Sustainable Future

GRO enables you to become more plant-based by maximizing taste. Our concept helps you follow EAT-Lancet diet model by harmonizing how we should treat food and the greener lifestyles we strive for. We can ensure planetary and human health by rethinking the food system and aligning it with the sustainable future we want.

Results - A Human-centric Solution

GRO is our vision of the future kitchen – a revolutionary concept for sustainable and smart cooking. It’s a customizable system of collaborative solutions to help you build green eating habits easily. Its innovative design challenges the conventional thinking of what a kitchen is and empowers you to make healthier and sustainable choices.

GRO concept – Our vision of the future

We believe in a future where a food system supports everyone to eat more sustainably. GRO is a manifestation of the change we seek towards championing food diversity and making healthier food choices.

Care - Thoughtful design

Celebrate food diversity and enjoy the best of what nature offers. GRO’s modular system has compartments with optimized conditions to preserve ingredients in the best possible way and expand their life span.

Create – Amplifying taste

Discover new flavors, skills and cooking techniques with tools that work seamlessly together around a flexible space. GRO transforms sustainable eating into extraordinary experiences.

Coach - Collaborative system

GRO supports sustainable eating with the Coach, your digital food companion that understands your needs and tracks your habits, guiding you to make sustainable choices ​when and where it matters to you.

”Electrolux has set the ambition to make sustainable eating the preferred choice, and GRO is our testament to that.”

Tove Chevalley

Head of Electrolux Innovation Hub

GRO is curved around you

A modern and human-centric approach to static kitchens, GRO is a system of collaborative solutions of products and services that make sustainable eating effortless and delightful through groundbreaking design.

Modular Compartments

GRO’s modular units are like Lego for the kitchen. With infinite combinations to fit any home and need, each component is designed to empower diverse, plant-forward eating whatever your starting point.

Grain and Pulse Library

Mix, replace and explore new grains and go beyond your regular staples with the Pulse and Grain Library. It inspires you to explore new and diverse sources of proteins while showcasing the visual diversity of grains and pulses.

Nordic Smoker

Experiment with taste and infuse new depths of flavor into plant-forward recipes. Inspired by the Nordic cuisine, chefs and Electrolux’s Swedish heritage, the Nordic Smoker is part of our premium collection.

Plant Gallery

Elevate the role of fresh produce with the Plant Gallery. Created to ensure optimal conditions to best preserve fruits and vegetables, it’s designed to showcase plants at eye level framed behind textured glass.


GRO Coach is your sustainable cooking and eating companion. It tracks your habits digitally to better understand your needs so it can guide you into making sustainable choices when and where it matters to you.

Better Living action plan

The Better Living action plan by Electrolux Group is a range of actions to support our goals within the domains of better eating, better clothing care, and better wellbeing at home. It also encompasses how Electrolux Group can better its own operations. If you have any questions, please write to us at: