Develop a sustainable neighborhood in Stockholm that enables better living

As a leading company in sustainability, we want to contribute to sustainable urban development by launching a ‘green city’ at our Swedish headquarters. Welcome to Greenhouse Sthlm!

Greenhouse Sthlm

Planning for a better future

As we work towards bold sustainability goals for better and more sustainable living around the world, we are always looking for progressive ways to accelerate change. Through the re-modelling of our headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, we are creating a sustainable neighborhood that inspires and enables better living.

Plans for our head office include as a first step an 8,000 m2 expansion, as well as the construction of 114 sustainable ‘lifestyle’ homes built mainly from wood with elements of green. This action is based on the vision of a green, vibrant city where most things can be reached with a 15-minute walk – encouraging a healthy lifestyle and reducing the need for transport.

Once complete, up to 3,000 people will live and work in Greenhouse Sthlm which will include a new square, café, shops, an eco-friendly restaurant, a training facility with a pool, and green courtyards on the property’s roof. Both common areas and the apartments will be equipped with sustainable, premium Electrolux products.

The neighborhood project has a high environmental and sustainability profile with solutions in areas such as social sustainability, sustainable eating and health, circularity, biodiversity, local energy producers, resource sharing and new green environments in the middle of the city. Think beekeeping, insect beds and rentable cultivation plots on green communal farms while local hydroponic systems will supply the restaurants with locally grown salads and herbs.

The ambition from the start has been to apply the highest available sustainability standards to the project, which has been guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  The office extension will be certified with BREEAM-SE – one of the leading sustainability assessment methods for construction projects and we are aiming for the highest level – Outstanding.

In addition, both the office extension and the residential apartments will be certified with NollCO2, Sweden Green Building Council’s new certification for climate neutral buildings. NollCO2 provides a well thought through framework aiming towards a net zero climate impact of a new buildings, contributing to the goal of transitioning new and existing buildings to net zero carbon by 2050. It also gives valuable guidance on how to analyze, calculate and minimize carbon emissions from a lifetime perspective, as well as guidance on how to offset the remaining carbon impact using renewable energy installations, energy efficiency measures and carbon offset projects.

The development of the property will lead to significant improvements in the energy performance of our existing office building which we will continue to evaluate over time.

The project is being run through our real estate company Fastighetsaktiebolaget Gångaren 13 and construction began in January 2022, and is part of the Stockholm city’s major development plan for the area of Stockholm known as Stadshagen.

With knowledge and conscious choices, we can make a difference.

All kitchens will feature sustainable, premium, connected Electrolux products

Better Living action plan

The Better Living action plan by Electrolux Group is a range of actions to support our goals within the domains of better eating, better clothing care, and better wellbeing at home. It also encompasses how Electrolux Group can better its own operations. If you have any questions, please write to us at: