Create a recyclable vacuum cleaner

We want to play our part in the circular economy. So we’ve designed a prototype vacuum that is 90 per cent recyclable.

Designing for new life

We know that today’s consumers are demanding circular materials. According to a recent European survey,* 77% of consumers consider it important or very important that products are recyclable.

We’re committed to a circular economy and are working hard with partners Stena Recycling to improve our product circularity. In 2020, our partnership developed a prototype vacuum cleaner made with 100% recycled materials and reused components and in 2021 a prototype vacuum cleaner that is 90% recyclable.

The 2-Infinity prototype vacuum cleaner is 90% recyclable compared to around 70% for a regular vacuum cleaner on the market. By being designed to be highly recyclable at its end-of-life, the 2-Infinity vacuum cleaner promotes the circular use of resources by making it as easy as possible to recover and recycle its various components and materials.

So what’s next? In the coming years, we’ll introduce a family of products designed to highlight the use of recycled materials across our major product categories. And to help us do this, we’ve used our comprehensive studies across the vacuum cleaner category to develop a prototype for a ‘Product Recyclability Tool’. The tool will enable our designers and engineers to explore recyclability right from the beginning of the design process so we can create products that are even more recyclable, meaning their components can continue their life as useful materials.

Together with Stena Recycling, we’ll also continue to explore opportunities to develop new circular products and services that make better use of finite resources.

It is partnerships such as this that are crucial on our journey to building a better, more sustainable tomorrow.





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