Introduce a water purifier that provides easier access to clean drinking water, more sustainably 

Our Pure 4X water filter eliminates the need for plastic bottles in the home.

Pure 4X water purifier

Better for the home and the planet.

We know that for many people around the world, clean drinking water is a huge concern. In Brazil for example, plastic bottles are a common source of drinking water in the home.

We’ve already helped millions gain easier access to clean drinking water, more sustainably, since entering the water purifier market there in 2011. With our latest offering launched in 2022, the Electrolux Pure 4X water purifier, a single filter can purify 3,000 liters of water – which avoids the need for thousands of plastic bottles over the lifetime of the product.   

We designed the Pure 4X to be around 20% slimmer than our previous model without reducing the functionality – to ensure it uses 27% less plastic. This also decreased the size of the box and amount of packaging while reducing transport impacts as each box is lighter and takes up less space. In addition, the boxes are made from recycled cardboard and have minimal print on them to reduce the use of chemicals. 

So what’s next? We are making Pure 4X available in Chile and Central America in late 2022 and Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia in 2023.  

Through product innovation, we’re helping consumers live more sustainably. 

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