Introduce recycled and more resource-efficient product packaging

To reduce environmental impact, we’ve introduced paper-based and more resource-efficient packaging for several Electrolux and AEG small appliances.  

Protecting our products, more sustainably

We know that our consumers want sustainable packaging that can be recycled. And as a sustainability leader in the appliance industry, shifting to more environmentally-friendly packaging is a must for us. The first step is new packaging for our Electrolux and AEG small appliances.  

The Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS)-free packaging is made from paper-based material certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, with a four-color print that uses 70% less ink. The number of packaging variations has also been cut in half by using stickers to differentiate between various products in the same range. This helps to avoid waste packaging as the same box can be used for multiple products.  

Electrolux Group has 60 million products in homes worldwide and this is a significant move toward reducing environmental impact, as well as promoting circularity and decreasing carbon emissions.  

The packaging went through rigorous testing and refining of material formulations to fulfil its primary function – to contain and protect products.    

So what about our large appliances? We discovered in tests that replacing EPS with paper-based materials actually increased environmental impact in some cases – such as for heavy and fragile products – due to the amount of material needed.  

Our Global Packaging team is instead now working to integrate more recycled content into packaging materials without compromising the protection of appliances. This includes cardboard, EPS and polyethylene film with recycled content.  

To learn more how we’re reducing the environmental impact of packaging while ensuring that appliances are fully protected throughout their journey to the consumer, read here.

Reducing environmental impact, one package at a time.  












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