Launch a laundry range that automatically adjust time, water, and energy usage  

A new AEG laundry range enables consumers to take climate action and wash smarter.


Cutting-edge innovation in laundry care

We know that washing clothes too often and at hot temperatures can not only ruin their color and fabric, but can also have a negative impact on the planet. Despite this, nearly two thirds of Europeans, 63 percent, still wash at 40°C or higher*.

Through cutting-edge innovation, we want to help make it easier for consumers to shift to more sustainable habits when it comes to garment care. A new range of award-winning machines launched in September 2022 by our AEG brand have a water saving steaming function and programs which automatically adjust time, water and energy usage based on the load.



UniversalDose drawer

The range offers features such as SoftWater, a ground-breaking technology to filter and purify the water it utilizes, and a PowerClean program that cleans clothes efficiently and removes stains at only 30°C. Instead of washing, users can also opt for a steaming function to refresh clothes and get rid of odors in 25 minutes using 96% less water than a regular washing cycle. A UniversalDose drawer makes washing at lower temperatures and quick cycles more efficient by mixing the detergent and water before the mixture reaches the fabrics.

In addition, an add-on filter for washing machines catches up to 90% of microplastic fibers released by synthetic clothing.

The new range of tumble dryers has been developed to minimize the energy use. Among other features it uses 3D Scan Technology to identify humidity levels inside the items ensuring that even layered garments are evenly dried.

Redefining laundry with water and energy saving technology.

Better Living action plan

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