Launch a paint-free stick vacuum cleaner range

We’ve removed chemical paint from our stick vacuum cleaner, with a new range of six colors developed entirely through recycled plastic formulations.

Time for a facelift

We want to make the home a healthier place to thrive in, with half the carbon footprint. This means looking closely at the materials we use in product design. In late 2022 we gave our stick vacuum cleaner a facelift by developing an entire range – of six colors – made with different recycled plastic formulations to obtain the colors without paint.


A paint-free surface removes the use of chemicals while also reducing CO2 by not having to manufacture paints in the first place. The colors are created by new recycled plastic formulations and the range uses between 43% and 49% recycled material by weight depending on color and nozzles.



The vacuum cleaner also has a sealed filtration system to remove up to 99.9% of particles (between 0.3 µm–10 µm in size) – improving air quality and wellbeing in the home environment.

The range goes by various commercial names in different markets. It was launched as the Electrolux UltimateHome 700 in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa in 2022, with plans to launch it in Europe and Latin America under different names in 2023.



Better Living action plan

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