Launch Zero Waste to Landfill Program in all our factories

Landfill. A growing problem for the health of people and our planet. That’s why we’re rolling out a Zero Waste to Landfill Program in all factories during 2020.

Changing the way we work to tackle landfill

Landfill. An ugly dumping ground of unwanted waste. Waste that leaks dangerous toxins, leachate and greenhouse gases into the soil – often for hundreds of years – contributing to the world’s pollution and poor health. And once it’s dumped, there’s no going back.  

But we can go forward. At Electrolux, as we strive for circularity in everything we do, we’re exploring new ways to eliminate our production’s contribution to the world’s landfills. As a first step, we’re rolling out our global Electrolux Zero Waste to Landfill Program in all factories to add transparency. 

Being part of the program means factories are given set goals to decrease waste disposal and are tasked with finding opportunities for recycling materials and recovering the energy generated during incineration to use as heat, electricity or fuel.  

We are already well on our way. During 2021, over 97% of the total waste produced at our manufacturing sites was either reused or recovered last year – and 32% of our factories are now ‘zero waste to landfill’ certified – taking us on our way to our target of zero waste sent to landfill at all our manufacturing sites by 2025. 

We’re committed to changing the way we work to support a better world. 

Phase out harmful gasses

Better Living action plan

The Better Living action plan by Electrolux Group is a range of actions to support our goals within the domains of better eating, better clothing care, and better wellbeing at home. It also encompasses how Electrolux Group can better its own operations. If you have any questions, please write to us at: