Team up with design duo Rave Review to inspire people to keep their clothes longer  

We’ve created a unique collection together with Rave Review to bring new life to clothes from the Atacama Desert.

Let’s make our clothes last longer

The most sustainable clothes are the ones we already have, but on average clothes are worn only ten times and thrown away long before they need to be*, piling up in landfills around the world. According to the UNECE**, a staggering 21 billion tons of clothes end up in landfill every year. In the Atacama Desert alone, approximately 39,000 tonnes of clothes are discarded every year – making it the second biggest garment graveyard worldwide.

Part of the problem is outdated laundry habits which diminish the lifespan of garments. Research shows that there is an urgent need to help people understand how best to care for their clothes and encourage as many people as possible to adopt more sustainable laundry practices: to wash less, steam more, wash full loads and at lower temperatures.




To help break the pattern and spark a change in consumer behavior, in September 2022 we teamed up with designer duo Rave Review with a mission: Give new life to discarded clothes retrieved from the Atacama garment graveyard. The result is the world’s first Atacama up-cycled fashion collection. The ambition is to put the spotlight on the growing problem of fashion waste and inspire people to take better care of the clothes they already have.

It’s time to break the pattern.

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Better Living action plan

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